iPhone 13 Pro price and specifications ايفون 13 برو ماكس 2024 - IPhone 13 Pro Max Features and Disadvantages مميزات و عيوب ايفون 13

iPhone 13 Pro

iPhone 13 Pro. iPhone Pro 13 is the best new phone from Apple, which is known worldwide as the best iPhone manufacturer. iPhone 13 Pro has many famous phones that have a shining luster in the field of applications. iPhone 13 is one of the best phones, as it was announced as the first in the world in the production and manufacture of smartphones.

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iPhone 13 Pro max. It has modern features and a significantly more powerful camera system, the world's fastest mobile chip. Huge power and durability in battery life. iPhone 13 Pro has 6.1 inches, and iPhone 13 Pro Max is 6.7. It has multiple iphone 13 colors, including: blue, graphite, gold, silver, and alpine green.

iPhone 13 Pro price and specifications

iPhone 13 Pro price. The iPhone, a subsidiary of Apple, was distinguished by its strong, rust-resistant and steel phones. It has a ceramic shield, and the glass is strong, resistant, and stronger than the glass of any smartphone and mobile phone. It has hardness and water resistance, has a special professional camera system. Super intelligent technology is working on shooting new movies and is a new addition in iPhone 13 Pro.

iPhone 13 Pro price and specifications:

  1. Processor 6 hexa-core.
  2. Apple A15 Bionic.
  3. It has a quad rear camera 12 + 12 + 12 + TOF 3D / and a front camera is 12 + SL 3D.
  4. Storage feature / RAM 1000/512/256/128 GB with 8 GB RAM.
  5. The screen is 6.1 inches, and it works with a resolution of 1170 x 2532, with a large notch.
  6. IOS 15 operating system.
  7. The battery is 3125 mAh.
iphone 13 pro, its iphone 13 price and size is now suitable, it is considered better than the regular iPhone or the lower version of it with new specifications and features. But the iPhone 13 Pro comes in a larger size than the iPhone Pro Max, as it is considered one of the best iPhone apps in 2024, with a Super Retina XDR screen. New features in iPhone 13 Pro with an amazingly fast chip change the course of your photography.

New features in iPhone 13 Pro

There is no doubt, that the iPhone company is one of the companies that produce iPhone phones, which has always renewed advantages. It works on high-resolution photography because it has a redesigned lens and has a powerful autofocus system. The iPhone 13 Pro also has macro video shooting, and a slow shooting feature. and time interval.

iPhone 13 Pro price and specifications, disadvantages of iPhone 13 Pro,

Turn on the iPhone 13 Pro, let you in low light. The wide camera feature has a wide aperture and the largest sensor in iPhone phones so far. It has a scanner called uitra which is used for photos with night mode. With the iPhone Pro, you can zoom in photos to a 6x optical zoom range.
  • Supports NFC.
  • Supports 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks.
  • The phone has dimensions of 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.65, with a light weight and a suitable size of 203 grams.
  • The possibility of the phone supporting several SIM cards, for example, the iPhone 13 Pro phone, it can work on two SIM cards, Nano Sim and eSIM.
  • Water and rust resistance, where you can put the phone under water up to 6 meters for a period of 60 minutes.
  • Super Retina XDR OLED screens with an area of ​​6.1 inches and a resolution of 1170 x 2532.
  • An improvement in the fingerprint is the addition of an oleophobic coating on the phone's screen.
  • High performance, ultra-fast speed, 5 nano technology, Apple GPU 5 Core processor type.
  • Saving less battery power consumption, providing a noise-isolating microphone.
  • Supports the bluetooth feature, which comes with version 5.0.

Disadvantages of iPhone 13 Pro

disadvantages of iPhone 13 Pro. No company or iPhone phones are free from industrial defects or technical defects. In iPhone phones, there are many problems that we found while using iPhones. The obvious defects of the iPhone 13 come as follows:

  1. It does not support 3.5mm headphones.
  2. The notch is relatively large, even after reducing it to 20%.
  3. eSims are still not supported by carriers.
  4. Sometimes we have to buy the fast charger and earphones separately.
  5. Lighting is still outdated, preferably Type C.

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