Learn about the iPhone 14 - New Features In The New IPhone 14 Pro Max

iPhone 14

Live the moment, with the iPhone 14. When technology meets creativity, here it can be said that you are using the new iphone 14, issued by Apple, which has many applications and is an independent company that has its own devices and phones, it is unique in all its industry, in the iPhone 14 there is renewal, experiences, the truth in all its colors Modern phone, screen resolution.

Now, with the new iPhone 14 Pro Max, enjoy the best experiences with the family and enjoy the strongest offers of the iPhone 14 Max Pro Max, the latest version. Share play technology provides you with enjoyable watching and wonderful TV shows, as iPhone phones are always in progress and a mixture of experiences and connections that give the user the best unique experience and help you overcome success with the distinguished phone "iPhone 14 - iPhone 14 Pro Max".

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iPhone 14 specifications. There is no doubt that, the new iPhone phone gives you a permanent and continuous connection, the face time feature makes your files more shared on the internal screen, the iPhone is a phone that offers screen sharing, and you can add music and songs to the queue with the ability to synchronize playback items. iPhone 13 Pro Max, Stream movies and TV shows with FaceTime technology.

New features in the iPhone It isolates the sound from the noise and awakens a pure voice in the background and makes your voice at the forefront of a call or conversation when speaking.

New iPhone 14 phone specifications

It should be noted that the global company Apple has agreed to download the new iPhone 14 pro max, which has specifications that include a sales rate of 100%. It is obvious that iPhone apps are currently the leaders in the field of smart phone technology, and have produced a series of phones and up to 4 phones, according to some sources close to the company.

The new phone from Apple The company worked to reduce the screen size, providing two phones with one screen measuring 7.1 inches, with the integration of the phone screen and making its shape elegant and suitable for all iPhone users.

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FaceTime calls can be scheduled and the link shared on the web. Note that the iPhone has the ability to display links, photos, videos, and all the content shared in messages. Enjoy the moment with the iPhone Pro Max 14. There are powerful tools that give you control over phone-based prioritization. Focus on updating your new iPhone.

  • iPhone 14 has a powerful A16 Apple processor based on 5 nano technology and a hexa core.
  • The iPhone 14 Pro phone is supported by a powerful dual front camera, which contributes to drawing creativity when photographing and producing a beautiful image, with a resolution of 16 mega pixels.
  • 14 iPhone supports the ability to shoot videos in excellent quality, up to 4K.
  • iPhone Pro Max has a powerful Apple GPU graphics processor.
  • It has an advanced design and frame made of titanium alloy.
  • The phone has varied colors and the unique purple color has been added with its charming touch.
  • Unique design in a phone (iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro Max).
  • The screen area of ​​Pro Motion is up to 6.7 inches, and the screen refresh rate is about 120Hz.
  • The phone helps you in operating all networks, including: the fourth and fifth generation network.
  • It can translate texts directly because it contains more than seven different languages, including English, Chinese, French, German, and other languages.
  • The iPhone 14 Pro Max has the latest specifications and features, including 4 rear cameras, the resolution of which is about 16 pixels, and the dimensions of the phone are 7.7 * 78.1 * 160.8.It has strong bluetooth and can support LE, A2DP feature.
  • Powered by a powerful battery with a default capacity of 5000 mAh, the phone also supports fast battery charging.
  • System in iPhone Prom Max iOS 16.
  • It has an interface made of strong hard glass and the back of the phone is made of glass as well.
  • Complete privacy in the iPhone 14 Pro Max smartphone provides access to applications to your data, complete protection for all privacy and confidential data in the mobile.

IPhone 14 Pro Max Features and Disadvantages

  1. Enjoy a processor that exceeds expectations, as it works with advanced and advanced technology, and works with 5th generation technology.
  2. It features a body with rounded corners to fit the rear cameras in iPhone 14 Max.
  3. It comes with a powerful steel graphic fingerprint technology to play your games.
  4. iPhone 14 pro max 2024 introduces a selfie camera, which is the best feature that supports auto focus.
  5. Enjoy completely new features and ways of looking at the outside world.
  6. iPhone ios 14 comes with a large screen that contains a strong protection layer that does not consume energy and does not consume the amount of charge in the mobile battery.
  7. It supports Touch ID technology and has Face ID.
  8. iPhone 14 pro lets you search the web using voice.
  1. Initially, it needs a long time to charge, and the charging time reaches an hour when the phone is fully charged.
  2. The iPhone 14 mini does not have an external memory or a memory card to increase the internal space in the mobile phone.
  3. The iPhone case does not always come with the charger, and it is sold by dealerships without earphones, and some accessories do not come with the phone box when buying.
  4. Some eSims do not support iPhones.
  5. The USB Type C charger does not support the fast charging of the phones provided by the iPhone company.

iphone 14 and iphone 14 Pro Max price

The price of the iPhone 14 mobile. The electronic markets differed in the year 2024 in the countries of America, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the Arab Gulf countries. Each country has a different price from one country to another.

  • The price of the iPhone 14 2024 phone in the United States of America varies according to the color, but the default price is 1100$, this is in 256 GB, and the price of the iPhone phone for the 512 GB version is $1200, and the 1 terabyte version is priced at $1450.
  • In the Arab Gulf countries, the price of the iPhone 14 Pro Max phone is $ 1099 in the 256 version, the price of the phone in the 512 version is at $1,190, and in 1 tera at a price of 1300.
  • In Saudi Arabia, 256 GB at 5200 SAR, 512 GB at 5800 SAR.
  • In Egypt, 256 GB at 25000 EGP, 512 GB at 29,000 EGP.
  • In the UAE, 256 GB is priced at 4800 dirhams, and 512 GB is priced at 5200 dirhams.

4 Types of Designs in the new iPhone 14 Mobile and 2024 iPhone 14 Pro Max Models

  1. iPhone 14.
  2. iPhone 14 pro.
  3. iPhone 14 max.
  4. iPhone 14 pro max.

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