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Google Classroom

It is a study and web service that has been opened by Google for universities, studies and schools. This service also works in managing training courses and tasks and is classified in the distribution of assignments and others, and this product by the company (google classroom) manages the teaching and learning processes about After and via the Internet.

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The Google Classroom application or product in communicating with learners and teachers within companies and institutions, and the classroom helps to save time and dispense with the old works that were used in the past. Classroom saves your data and secures it, you can use it on Android phones and iPhones.

Get to know Me Classroom and Google for Education

Teaching and education management on the Internet, a product that facilitates your use and helps you save time in education, one of the characteristics of "Google Classroom" is that you can provide everything you need in one place, and by this we mean providing your needs of tools in the educational process and facilitating use in setting up your accounts in the classroom.

download classroom Product. It is characterized by tools designed to enhance cooperation, and here we mean working on documents simultaneously, and this is done by communicating with the user, Face to Face, through the Google Mate application. You can also enter anywhere through the product for education and provide more flexibility to students in the classroom and teach them remotely.

google classroom. Classroom works with google workspace service. Instruction and saving time is one of the advantages of Classroom, simplifying the daily tasks in your study and teaching, and moving from class to assignment or student profile becomes easy and works with just one click.

Join, learn and study on Google Classroom for android and pc

How do I join classes via Google Classroom Education?

Good question: but the answer is that entering the Classroom service follows several steps, including logging in through the Google Chrome browser and is not used on another browser such as Firefox and others using the information provided by the student, and then entering through the code and other methods of joining the Google educational program classroom. Now we will mention the necessary steps to access the google classroom Education 2024 service:

  • First: The service is entered by logging in. It is the login through the Chrome 2024 browser to the google classroom service.
  • Second: Click on the + sign at the top of the browser and open a new tab.
  • Third: Log in to the browser Before continuing, you must log in with the same data that was approved for the teacher in order to include you in the electronic class, and it is located at the top of the Chrome interface. Registration is done by logging in to the same e-mail and username with which you were registered.
  1. Joining the online class: Log in to Chrome with your educational account as a student, and then login via Google Classroom. Then click on switch person and then remove the user and remove from the dropdown list on the right side of the browser.Second: Open the link
  2. Third: Then click on the + on the right side at the top of the page, a window will appear.
  3. Fourth: Click on Join class from the menu as shown in the image below.
  4. Fifth: Type the code for the electronic class, then click on the Join button, then check the inbox in your educational email and search for the code or code for the class.
  5. Sixth: Now the review stage is in the contents of the main page of the electronic class, and the educational assignments will appear for you. On the default page, the Broadcast tab will appear. You can click on the Academic Works tab, as your link at the top of the page. After that, click on the Individuals tab in the People menu to the right of the Classworks tab, and then the contents of the page will help you to view the electronic class list.
  • Inviting students to the electronic class:
  • You must make sure that you are logged in with the correct account.
  • Open the link
  • Click on the individuals tab and you will always find the first option.
  • Click on the invite students icon and you will find it next to the plus sign +.
  • Enter the e-mail of the students to be invited.
  • Click on the desired student and drop down.
  • Click on the Invitation email option to join it.

Information about Google Classroom 2024

Now use your favorite apps with classroom, and Classroom helps students and teachers to communicate in private schools and education inside and outside institutions, Classroom product is easy to set up. You can download this product via Google Play or the official website. You can log in via your browser and your email. Google Workspace for Education is free to participate by creating an account for the educational institution, and it stores frequently used phrases in the comment history.

classroom google allows you to prepare assignments and tests and schedule them in more than one class, making it easier to improve student's learning experiences. Also, one of the advantages of Class room is that you can manage the educational process easily using transparency tools and accurate statistics, it maintains the security and security of data and adheres to its privacy.

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